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Parti and Chocolate Yorkie Puppies

About Us


Our Story

We don't consider ourselves breeders in the traditional sense.  All of our breeding Yorkies are members of our household. They live underfoot, and sleep in our beds.

We are a small, in-home breeding project.  We have overwhelming love and compassion for our pets.  

We use immense scrutiny before allowing our studs to breed.  We assure that all potential mates are large enough and healthy enough to deliver a vibrant litter of puppies without harm to either the mom or babies. (There is no guarantee that there will not be complications, despite our best efforts).

Our ultimate goal, which takes patience and dedication, is to contribute to our future Family Tree through guardian partners. In our Guardian Program, quality puppies from our litters will be placed in loving homes, with caretakers who are devoted to helping us carry on the Chocolate Bark legacy.

In this way, we feel that we are being responsible pet owners, instead of becoming a standard breeding facility.  Our breeding partners will always remain our beloved pets, even when they are no longer breeding.

Chocolate Bark's Ghirardelli

Chocolate Bark's Ghirardelli

One of four puppies born to our beloved pets, Wedgie and Ruger. Ghirardelli and his siblings, Godiva (f), Nestle (f), and Hershey (m), were born on September 25, 2018.  They are all Tri-Colored Biewer Yorkies. Godiva, Nestle and Ghirardelli are White/Black/Gold, Hershey is Black/White/Gold. All of the puppies carry Parti and Biro (chocolate/white/gold) genetics.


Our Chocolates

Chocolate Bark chocolates are the best chocolates yet. Our chocolates love you as much as you love them.  You can have as many as you want without gaining an ounce.  They are caffeine free, but contain lots and lots of sugar, so they are as sweet as can be. Instead of melting in your hand, they will melt your heart.